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The liberalisation of the electricity market in Turkey, and the determination of electricity prices between both buyers and sellers in a liberal market environment, has made our country serve as an energy gateway. Moreover, as a result of the recent numerous agreements that have been reached in the international arena in the energy sector, it is now an inevitable fact that electricity and energy trade and the issuance of financial products based on energy has become very important to the Turkish markets. Hence the creation of a market in which these products can be readily traded and sold is now a major issue for us.

In addition, the increase in global sales of both carbon and sera gas products has led to a change in the climate surrounding us. This has in return led to the adoption of more precautionary mesasures. The increase in both enforcement and regulation issues, as well as in the volume of carbon sales, as well as the signing of the Kyoto Protocol in May 2009, and as of the end of August 2009, Turkey becoming an official signatory of the Protocol, have all led to possibility for our country to impose some restrictions in relation to carbon sales. Within this framework, the trading of carbon products is expected to further increase. As a result, in every day that passes, the concept of carbon markets is gaining an ever increasing significance.

Within this context, the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) has organized an International Conference on 11 November at Swiss˘tel The Bosphorus in Istanbul called 'Developing Emissions & Electricity Trading Markets in Turkey'.


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